2023 Spring Step Retreat

We are pleased to announce the Spring Triangle SAA Step Retreat at New Hope Camp and Conference Center near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Experienced members of our community will serve as facilitators. The event offers separate study tracks covering Steps One through Twelve. Additionally, a separate track will teach newcomers how to design a relapse prevention plan to help them better manage stressful events.

The event fee covers expenses such as

  • Renting the buildings
  • On-site dormitories for overnight stays
  • A copy of the “Recovery Manual” if requested
  • Catered Meals
  • Drinks and Snacks that are available throughout the event

Retreat Begins In

Friday - Sunday
May 5 - 7, 2023
Registration opens at 8:00am daily
4805 NC-86
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516
until April 14
$250 - Full Event
$125 - One Day

FREE / Sunday
after April 14
$300 - Full Event
$150 - One Day

FREE / Sunday


Scholarships are available upon request at the time of registration. We encourage anyone requesting a scholarship to register early and reserve a spot. Scholarships will cover a maximum of 80% of the overall fees and the attendee will be required to pay the remaining 20%. Please make sure that you request a scholarship when you register.

Retreat Committee Scholarship
pays a maximum of
80% of total fees
Retreat Attendee
20% of total fees


All event participants and facilitators are asked to complete the registration process. Accurate registration numbers directly impact the amount of food catered and the space we rent at the venue.

Payment is not required at the time of registration but is encouraged
Payment is due at the time of check-in for the retreat

Retreat Payment

We use a third-party vendor, Square, for all credit card transactions. The transaction details are governed by Square’s Privacy Policies. Only the Retreat Committee Chairman, Treasurer, and Registrar will have access to transaction information.

Fees may be paid in advance during registration, online before the event, or when you arrive in person at the event. Payment in advance will shorten the check-in process, and we will accept credit card payments in person at the event.


Please contact the Registrar as soon as possible if you register and are unable to attend. We will refund all or a portion of your payment depending on when we receive notification of cancellation.

until April 30
Full Refund
of Fees
after April 30
75% Refund
of Fees

COVID Guidelines

In order to protect all of the participants at this event, we ask that you are up-to-date on your COVID vaccinations as defined by the CDC. You are considered up-to-date with your COVID vaccinations if you have received all doses in the primary series and all booster doses recommended for you when eligible.

No one will ask you to prove your vaccination status at the Retreat.

Face masks are optional and their use will be left up to individual discretion.

Support Our Retreat

The Triangle Area Intergroup Retreat Committee welcomes volunteers to assist with the event’s organization, promotion, or operation. Please get in touch with the Registrar or ask your event facilitator if you want to learn about available service opportunities.

Scholarship Donations

If you are unable to attend this year’s Fall Retreat, consider donating a partial or full scholarship to someone in need. The gift of recovery is one of the best gifts we can give. You can donate any amount you choose to the scholarship fund. We carry over any unused scholarship funds from one retreat to another.

Your Privacy

We are committed to upholding our Tradition of Anonymity and all registration information is confidential. Registration participant data is retained for one calendar year.  After one calendar year, all participant data is removed and deleted from the registration entries. The attendance numbers and non-participant data are kept indefinitely for comparison and future retreat capacity planning.

Google is allowed to scan forms and data submitted to look for content that may be illegal, malicious, or a violation of Google’s Term Of Service. They do not retain the data collected by these scans. A similar process is used by Google to scan emails for illegal, malicious content, or spam.  Using Google Forms is similar to using email from an anonymity and privacy perspective.  

For more information about Google’s Privacy Policies click on the button below.

Registrar Contact

Please contact the Registrar if you wish to use an alternate method to register for our retreat.