About Us

We Are Glad You Are Here

Welcome to the Triangle Area Sex Addicts Anonymous® (SAA®) website. The primary purpose of Triangle Area SAA® is to carry the message of recovery to the sex addict who still suffers

We provide resources and meetings for members currently in recovery or for those looking to start or restart their program. Newcomers to our program will find a warm welcome and peer support in all of our meetings.

SAA® uses the Twelve Steps® and the Twelve Traditions® adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous® but we are not affiliated with AA® in any way. We practice strict anonymity and confidentiality, so our meetings are safe for all of us. Who we meet or what is said in a meeting is considered confidential and is not shared outside of the meeting.

The only requirement for membership
is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior

We welcome members of any age, race, religion, ethnic background, marital status, occupation, gender identity, or sexual orientation. There are no fees or dues, but meeting donations are accepted. 

Our meetings and fellowship are open to anyone who is of legal age. A meeting for underage addicts is in the early planning stages. Those interested in this type of meeting should call (800) 921-1896 or e-mail info@saatriangle.org and ask to speak with our Outreach Coordinator.

A Message For The Newcomer

You Are Not Alone

All of us came to the program because we discovered, despite our best efforts, we could not stop our addictive sexual behaviors on our own. To recover required that we end our isolation and humbly accept the strength and hope that is available in our meetings and classes. Many of us found freedom from our destructive behaviors when we worked the SAA® program.

We hope that you’ll choose to share in our experience, strength, and hope. Meetings are the heart of the program, and there are Triangle-based in-person or virtual meetings every day of the week. You can start by attending meetings regularly and listening to what is being shared by others.

Meetings are the heart of the program. The Triangle area fellowship offers in-person or virtual meetings every day of the week. We encourage you to attend at least six meetings and listen to the hope that is shared.

Sex Addicts Anonymous®
"Green Book"

The Sex Addicts Anonymous® “Green Book” is the foundational text of our recovery program. It defines the Twelve Steps® and Twelve Traditions® and contains real stories of our members’ journey from addiction to sobriety. A free online copy is available for you to read.

Recovery Literature

Links to additional recovery literature and brochures produced by the SAA® International Service Organization can be found on the Recovery Literature page of this site.

A Message for Spouses, Partners, Families, or Friends

There is Hope!

If a loved one is suffering from sex addiction, the information on this website is available in order to encourage them to begin their journey of recovery and support them as they progress. Sex addiction directly affects the addict as well as those in relationships with the addict. You are also not alone in the impact that addiction may have had on you.

For those impacted by an addict’s behavior, It is often helpful to remember the three C’s 

You Didn't Cause It

You Can't Control It

You Can't Cure It

If you or someone you know is being impacted by a sex addict’s behavior, we encourage you to search online for a local therapist. A therapist can teach you how to help the addict without enabling them and provide the support that you need. The Triangle Area has many excellent therapists to choose from.

A Message for Professional Therapists

Cooperation with the professional community is a goal of SAA®!

We strongly believe that SAA® complements professional therapeutic treatment. We have a common purpose: to help the sex addict who still suffers. 

Additional Information

Contact us if you have specific questions about our program of recovery, any meeting in the Triangle Area, or if you would like to communicate directly with a member in recovery.