November 15, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Virtual Zoom Meeting
Triangle SAA
(800) 921-1896
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7 thoughts on “Raleigh – By The Book – 12-Step Study”

  1. It would be helpful to newcomers like myself if the meeting link was posted here, like other SAA meetings. I would have joined tonight’s meeting for the first time if possible, but missed it because no meeting link.
    Thank you,
    John M

    1. Thanks for using the website and for your feedback. Each meeting is autonomous and they are free to run their meetings as they choose. That being said some meetings are handling this better than others. Many meetings prefer to have a vetted Zoom call for security reasons. I have not heard of any open triangle meeting having an issue with a disruptive incident but I understand the fear. I will forward your feedback to Pat M so that it comes to the attention of that meeting.

      Rich W

      1. Also, the instructions on the web page stated to contact Pat M for an invitation to the group, with no contact information given, so that’s another problem.
        Thank you,
        John M

        1. I have updated the calendar entry with a contact number for the meeting organizer. This number was published on the Triangle Area Meetings summary page but somehow escaped the calendar. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. I left one voicemail message for the meeting organizer and I got no response back. Rather than posting the meeting organizer’s contact information and waiting for an invitation to the group, it would be more helpful to post the zoom meeting link as other SAA meetings have, speaking as a newcomer.
    Thank you,
    John M

  3. I left 2 voicemail messages for this meeting organizer (Pat M) and never got any response back. I understand that the meeting organizers are volunteers, but without a zoom meeting link or invitation, it’s impossible for a newcomer like myself to join the meeting. Communication is key.
    (NOTE: My cell phone totally expired with no power. A device replacement should be delivered on Tuesday. Obviously, I can’t see who called, but I have been checking my voicemail frequently)
    Thank you,
    John M

    1. I apologize for the slow response on this but much has changed. The meeting has agreed to publish the Zoom details and I have updated the calendar and the Virtual Meetings section of the Triangle Area Meetings page with the latest information that was provided to me. No Zoom password is required to join the meeting room.

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