We Are Glad You Are Here

We want to help anyone struggling with sexual compulsion. No one considers going to a 12 Step meeting because things are going well in their lives. We Googled “sex addiction” only after the repeated failure of everything else we tried. In the end, 12-Step recovery in Sex Addicts Anonymous became our last resort. The good news is that it works.

Maybe that is where you are now. If it is, then the most important thing we want you to know is this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many of us in this fellowship, women and men, who understand what you are going through as few others can.  We know from personal experience the same hopelessness, shame, fear, and self-loathing you may be feeling.  We found hope by working the SAA program. We want to offer you that hope now.

You Are Not Alone

There are a handful of women in the Raleigh – Durham fellowship, and the number of women in the fellowship is growing. However, depending on which meeting you go to, you may be the only woman in the room. Please know that this is okay, and that you will be safe and welcome. Give us a call if you would like to speak with another woman about the fellowship, and maybe attend a meeting with her. You can do this. You really are not alone. 

Going to your first meeting can bring up a lot of challenging feelings. One thing that will likely happen is that during the “introductions” part of the meeting, newcomers will be asked to introduce themselves by their first names, and to say if it is their first meeting. You do not have to say anything at that time, but what we want is to offer you a newcomer’s orientation meeting  and give you a warm welcome. We encourage you to listen to what others have to say. If you focus on how they describe the thoughts and feelings underlying their actions, about what drives their compulsions, you will likely notice many similarities, and this may help you feel more at home. Listening to others talk about working the 12 Steps is how we all stopped the madness.

You may hear others talk about struggling with compulsions that might not be at all like yours. We ask that you keep an open mind. Our destructive behaviors may differ but the underlying reasons are the same. If you keep an open mind, you will realize just how much we all have in common. This is why we believe that if you attend a few meetings, you will find that SAA has the help you need.  If our story of shame and guilt resonates with yours, then maybe you would like to join us in walking the road to recovery.

Join Us In Recovery

If you would like to speak to someone about any questions or concerns you may have about recovery in the local fellowship, call the local information line at 800-921-1896. Select option “2” if you want to speak to a woman. They will be able to connect you to women in the local fellowship.

We would love to help you get started on your path to recovery.


Here is a list of some resources that you might find particularly helpful, geared especially for women seeking recovery from sex addiction in SAA.  We also have literature at many of the local meetings.

The links below are from the SAA website saa-recovery.org.  The website has several resources for women:

  • There is a tab “For Women”  which gives good perspective and background. There is also a “Contacting Other Women”  link on this page, with a procedure to be put in contact with other women who are in recovery in SAA, and to get information about women-only electronic meetings.  We have spoken to women who got sober by participating in some of these women-only meetings before later joining mixed-gender meetings.
  • On the Literature tab, there is the option to read a pamphlet that is specifically meant for new female members, especially: A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer – from other women members of SAA, and
  • On the “For Women” page, there is a link to a  FAQ page.