Recovery Classes

“Our message is simple and profound: that recovery from sex addiction is possible through working the Twelve Steps of SAA®, and that following this program results in a spiritual awakening.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous®, p. 59

Triangle Area SAA offers two special meetings conducted as classes.  The two different classes are designed for newcomers to the SAA® recovery program, but are open to anyone that would like help working steps or building tools to improve sobriety. The Step Study Class provides guidance and structure to work the steps.  The Sobriety Plan Class explains the basics of addiction and how to use the tools of recovery to improve sobriety,

Prepare to be challenged. An experienced sponsor leading the meeting might challenge what you think you know about your role in recovery and offer feedback.

Cross-talk (i.e. interrupting to ask questions) is encouraged during these meetings. This is different from an SAA® General Discussion Meeting where cross-talk is discouraged.

Sobriety Plan

The sobriety plan class encourages participants to become free and remain free of their compulsive sexual behaviors.

Step Study

The step study class is intended for everyone working, or wanting to work any of the Steps of the SAA® program.

Working in isolation is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED

Recovery Manual
(Getting Started and Steps 1 - 9)

The materials presented here are used during the Triangle Area SAA Annual Step Retreats and are intended to be used with the guidance of a sponsor or co-sponsor. By downloading this material, user agrees to use any and all Triangle SAA documents as presented, in their entirety, without editing, deletions, or corrections.

The link below will allow you to download the complete Recovery Manual used at our Step Retreats.  The first 60 pages compromise the Getting Start section which is used in the Sobriety Plan Class.  The remaining sections are devoted to working Steps 1 – 9 and are discussed during the Step Study Class.