Sobriety Plan Class

“The Sobriety Plan Class uses the Addiction-Shame Cycle to help the newcomer adopt daily strategies leading to freedom from their compulsive sexual behaviors.”

This class is designed for newcomers to the SAA® recovery program or for anyone that would like help building tools to improve sobriety. The material presented on this page supports the discussion and work done during the weekly Sobriety Plan Class Meeting and is used during the Getting Started track at our Step Retreats.

The Sobriety Plan Class Goals

Upon completion of the course materials.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the foundations of sex addiction – (triggers, craving, shame, etc.)
  • Break through denial and learn about cognitive distortions
  • Describe the Addiction/Shame Cycle and articulate ritualized acting out behavior
  • Use a feelings wheel to improve emotional awareness
  • Identify your Three Circles
  • Recognize triggers before they become cravings
  • Develop tools of recovery and strategies for dealing with triggers
  • Constuct a sobriety plan to manage triggers using the tools of recovery 
  • Revise a sobriety plan based on experience, to improve and maintain sobriety

You will have written:

  • Three Circles – (Inner, Middle and Outer)
  • Sobriety Plan to manage triggers effectively
  • Detailed weekly schedule to maintain focus

Working in isolation is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED

Recovery Manual
(Getting Started)

The materials presented here are used during the Triangle Area SAA Annual Step Retreats and are intended to be used with the guidance of a sponsor or co-sponsor. By downloading this material, user agrees to use any and all Triangle SAA documents as presented, in their entirety, without editing, deletions, or corrections.

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