Step Retreats

What is the Triangle Area SAA Step Retreat?

The Triangle SAA Step Retreat is a twice-yearly event held in April and October. It is designed for people who need an uninterrupted period and one-to-one guidance from a facilitator to work The Steps®. The retreat is a three-day event that includes twelve one-hour work sessions, fellowship, class discussion, prayer and meditation, and recreation. It is a focused version of the work done in the Sobriety Plan and Step Study Classes.

You will spend three days away from your addiction, detoxifying in an atmosphere of recovery with hopeful sex addicts learning how to live in the solution and not the problem. You will meet other addicts serious about recovery and expand your support group.

Ideally, you will complete more than one Step and your program will acquire significant traction.

The retreat focuses on Steps One through Twelve arranged into five study tracks. When you complete a Step you quickly move to the next. Newcomers to the program may wish to choose the “Getting Started” Track which covers basics like the Three Circles, tools of recovery, and writing a sobriety plan.

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How Can I Help?

We are always in need of volunteers to help in all areas of the retreat. Do you have a knack for teaching? Consider being a step facilitator. Enjoy outdoor activities? Help us organize the recreation time. Are you a foodie? Join the catering team and help us plan and cook delicious meals. There is a place for all who wish to help.

If you are unable to volunteer physically, please consider donating to the Retreat Scholarship Fund, or directly to the Retreat General Fund. Your monetary donations go a long way in helping us afford the facilities, food, and reading materials, and helping those who do not have the financial means to attend.

What If I Still Have Questions?

For any other questions about the retreat, how to volunteer, or how to donate please send them to:


Ask your local meeting Intergroup Service Representative for help.