Raleigh By The Book

Monday 6:30PM

In this meeting we focus on the knowledge imparted in Sex Addicts Anonymous® (the Green Book), “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions“, and other recovery literature. We discuss how the literature applies to our recovery. Texts are selected by group conscience in advance. We begin each meeting by reading aloud our opening, How It Works, and The Twelve Traditions. We then take turns reading several paragraphs the book selection. We comment as we go, but we are careful to avoid giving advice or commenting on the words of others in the meeting. Copies of the book selection are available to anyone visiting our meeting for the first time.

Currently Reading

The Body Keeps Score book cover
2501 Clark Ave
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

Book Study

Mixed - Closed

Meeting Location


Park in the highlighted parking areas. Use outdoor metal fire escape stairs next to Wesley Foundation House to access the 2nd floor. The meeting is held in the 1st room on the right.

Meeting Guidelines

Facemasks are now OPTIONAL for meeting participants

Additional Information

Contact us if you have any specific questions about this meeting, any other meeting in the Triangle Area, or about our program of recovery.