In the Triangle area of North Carolina, we have developed a variety of meetings to meet the needs of those suffering from sex addiction. All of the meetings share a commitment to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous and are designed to help sex addicts create healing fellowship with other sex addicts in recovery. The Triangle SAA community includes the following types of meetings:

  • General Discussion and Check-In Meetings
  • Book Study Meetings
  • Classes
  • 11th Step Prayer and Meditation Meetings

General Discussion and Check-In Meetings

In these traditional style 12-Step meetings, we gather together and often read aloud basic information about SAA (the basics of how SAA works, the 12-Steps, the 12-Traditions, etc.). In these meetings we might read from our basic text Sex Addicts Anonymous (the Green Book), have group discussions, and check in how our week has gone. These meetings are often the backbone of a strong 12-Step community. 

Book Study Meetings

 For those wanting to explore addiction recovery literature at a deeper level, we offer several book study groups in the area. Here we read a selected book as a group and discuss how to apply the reading to our recovery. Any SAA member can drop in and check it out regardless of where we are in a book. 


The Triangle is blessed with two types of innovative classes – The Sobriety Plan Class helps newcomers (or anyone needing a boost to their sobriety plan) understand the basic concepts of sex addiction and identify successful strategies for avoiding the sexual behaviors that have been compulsive for them. The 12-Step Classes help the person working on the 12-Steps get support and advice on how to work the steps quickly and effectively. The classes are good for those who don’t yet have a sponsor and for those who do.

11th Step Prayer and Meditation Meetings

One of the most popular styles of meetings gives the fellowship an opportunity to read spiritual advice and prayers (often pulled from the pages of the Big Book of AA) and to experience brief silent meditation as a group. Regardless of belief in God or any Higher Power, these meetings help us grow stronger with a spiritual foundation. (Religious beliefs are not necessary to be part of SAA, nor are they necessary for successfully working the 12-Steps of SAA.)

We recommend newcomers come to six or so different meetings to get a sense of how different meetings work and how they feel. Some people prefer small meetings of 5 or 6; some prefer meetings with 40-50 people. Some meetings are quiet; others are lively and social. You’re welcome to try them all out. Newcomers are especially encouraged to come to both traditional Fellowship Meetings and the Sobriety Plan Class. If interested, check out our printed meeting schedule that gives some advice on how to select the specific meetings that might be best for you and what you need.

Here is a list of all of our Meetings in the Triangle Area

If you are still unsure which meetings to go to, call Triangle SAA (1-800-921-1896) and one of us will talk with you about the options.

The meetings are open to anyone with a desire to stop their compulsive sexual behavior regardless of whether they now or ever identify as a sex addict. The meetings are closed to guests, professionals, family members, etc. unless they are seeking SAA to stop their own compulsive sexual behavior. (Occasionally special events will be offered where SAA members and their family members are invited to attend. Those event announcements will clearly indicate who is invited to attend.)
Yes. All of the meetings in the Triangle welcome men and women (whether cisgender or transgender) and those who don’t identify as either. We emphasize that SAA is not a place for meeting sexual partners. It is essential that all people have safety in our meetings regardless of gender and sexual orientation.
Yes. People of all sexual orientations are welcome. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are some of the most involved members of the fellowship and have traditionally had important volunteer leader roles.
Yes. There are SAA telemeetings every day of the week, at all times, many having a specific focus (e.g. Women Only, Evangelical Christians, Agnostics, LGBT people, etc.). Go to and check out their options.